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A concentration of know-how and passions

Zanotta design and communication identity renews itself while maintaining the genetic code and the targets that has been distinguishing the company for more than 60 years. Eleonora and Francesca Zanotta, the founder’s daughters who now manage the company, tell everything about the recipe that originated the new logo, the new catalogue, the latest products. And how the philosophy that has always guided the aesthetic, formal and production choices, has taken in this crucial year 2015, an even more innovative disruptive form, focusing on contemporaneity and on socio-cultural trends. Among the actions taken to highlight the turn taken by the company based in Nova Milanese, we find the book “Design: 101 Zanotta stories” written by Beppe Finessi by Silvana Editorial, a story of 101 projects that went into production in 60 years of history, representing as many key-words of a cultural and entrepreneurial identity that is one-of-a-kind in the world. The articulated series of communication tools that outline the 2015 brand image continues with the new logo “shaped” by Leonardo Sonnoli, merging historical and unusual elements, and with the “copyright” catalogue featuring the styling by Elisa Ossino and the photos by Adriano Brusaferri and Leo Torri. On this intense path there is the Zanotta sisters’ careful and passionate eye, who are both architect: Eleonora had worked with her father since 1985 and Francesca followed her some years later, both taking care of the art direction, of the relationships with designers and of design evolution.

Q. One of the most popular blog reports: “when form and content build a strong sign, recognizable over time, then the message comes through loud and clear”. Speaking about the new Zanotta brand image, do you fit this statement ?
Eleonora. The new Zanotta brand image 2015 is outlined in a strong, determined and rigorous way and it is well represented by the new logo, the graphic and photographic language, as well as to the fair setting that are in tune with the most updated signs and tendencies. Today’s message is in tune with the ability that Zanotta has always had to express a modernity, expression of human creativity. In this sense I trust that form and content of Zanotta brand, recognized as a strong sign over time, still represent a clear and distinctive message, reinforced by a continuity marked by quality and being sensitive expression of their time.
Q. Which cultural and social changes do you want to detect with the brand new collection shown at Milan Furniture fair 2015?
Eleonora. With the current production we turn to consumers who today, even more than in the past, loves to customize their environment according to their aesthetic and functional needs. A user who prefers the choice of furniture-object: furniture as architecture assuming a specific importance, with an image far from a standardized and uniform production.
Certainly, quality is sought, together with the beauty and strong personality: objects that from the expression viewpoint create “difference” and “uniqueness”. So the sofa William, the table Santiago, the bed Coverbed… products whose essentiality, lightness and elegant are their distinctive features.

Q. The cooperation with successful designers and architects like Achille Castiglioni, Ettore Sottsass, Enzo Mari, Bruno Munari were the flywheel of Zanotta trademark in the early decades. Do research and experimentation in design continue today, on which tracks?
Francesca. The same as then: Zanotta aims to collaborate with the best designers and architects in the world (which does not necessarily mean “the most famous”, but in fact often talented young people) to create extraordinary and unusual pieces, designed to last. Zanotta’s research has always focused on experimenting new materials or technologies or inventions from the formal and typological standpoint. The starting point of this process can be both the designer who comes with an idea that leads to new experimentations, and the company requesting something special to the designer.
Q. Some iconic products like Sacco, Shangai, Joy and Cumano have been refreshed this year by a significant restyling in terms of colour and size. This operation supports some fundamental concepts of Zanotta 2015 communication. What are the messages you want to strengthen ?
Francesca. For Zanotta the update of its historical catalogue is a quite important aspect, in terms of sizes, finishes and trendy shades that make the historical pieces revive in a most up-to-date appearance, since these are a real cultural store for the company. This operation of research and continuous updating is therefore due to actualize a collection built up in more than 60 years of history, with pieces ranging from the early 1900s to the present days.