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A new outfit for Sacco

Zanotta has always been very attentive to materials, being a trend-setter in the furniture segment and in the mood definition of shades and materials. Sacco tells this latest trend, thanks to the new fabric VIP included in the pattern book, in 9 original and up-to-date colours, fit for outdoor as well!
Sacco, the shapeless seat designed by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro in 1968 – still today an uncomparable piece – has always been suitable to various and ironic interpretations. This accessory, not easy to be defined due to its versatile use, has been covered with precious materials to become limited editions for celebrating special events, or has been designed in new sizes (Medium and Small), however it has been able to cross decades without harm. A success going beyond fashions, a style so strong to allow itself changing volumes, colours and fantasies. Reaching the present days in a vigorous representation of passion and magic thanks to the VIP fabric that guarantees excellent performances, thanks to its contemporary weft. A nice and good looking texture, pleasant to touch but tough as well, made resistant and precious with two special treatments: Silverguard® (certified antibacterial) and Permablock 3® (stain-proof).
The PVC and polyester composition makes this fabric suitable for outdoor, as well as fire proof and easy to use. Launched in six glamorous shades, like green, blue, yellow, red, grey-blue, orange and 3 basic shades like white, grey and black, Sacco becomes even more timeless, suitable for everybody (adults, young people and children) because there’s no age limit for fantasy and play.
The April chair by Gae Aulenti dated 1964 is the other iconic product for which this fabric will be used.