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ADI Design Index 2016: the Zanotta stand at Salone del Mobile 2015, designed by Studio CalviBrambilla, has been selected within the most important and official mapping of the Italian design project overview.

We are pleased to announce an important acknowledgement formally received on October 7th: the project of the stand where Zanotta welcomed visitors during Salone del Mobile 2015 designed by two architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla with graphic by Leonardo Sonnoli, has been included in the selection of ADI Design Index 2016.

The unforgettable exterior architecture was made up by maxi-postcards dedicated to the 101 icons of the Zanotta collection, housed in light-weight supports that enabled to view the interior: a perfect creative synthesis of the smartly ironic and unconventional spirit “Castiglioni’s way” that marked the first 61 years of the Italian brand’s life. In the middle of the stand, ready to be checked, stood the book Design: 101 Zanotta stories written by Beppe Finessi and designed by Leonardo Sonnoli; around it a series of domestic settings where the icon coexists with the recently designed piece, a real declaration of Zanotta’s philosophy.

The direction taken by the Zanotta’s management in 2015, marked by a change under the operation and the strategic viewpoints, was strongly requested to renew the entire brand image: from the logo, the graphics, the photography and obviously the product. A great value to be mixed and returned during the most important public exhibition of the year, the Salone del Mobile.

This is the aim the company had set itself to achieve by calling top-notch professionals such as Studio CalviBrambilla to cooperate for the stand, and that the ADI recognition consecrates officially reached.


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