• Interview

Beauty makes all better

Daniela Hamaui, leading Italian journalist, in 1996 invented and directed D di Repubblica, the weekly magazine of fashion, work, society and culture, considered among the most innovative of these two decades. In February 2002 Hamaui left D to take over the direction of Espresso, first woman in Italy to lead a magazine of such political, social and costume importance, where she remained until July 2010. Since then she was editorial director of all Repubblica’s supplements and weekly magazines and, since September 2012, she has been again the Director of D and its weekly website (whose main attachment is Dcasa). A great passion for investigative journalism and, at the same time, great care to photographic image and iconography, are the distinctive features of her editorial line.

Q. How much décor “weighs” in the ideal contents of a magazine that targets an audience like yours?
A. Décor is an important part of a woman’s life, expressing herself through the house, the objects, the colour of walls and the sofa shapes. As for clothes, nowadays design identifies the kind of person you are: minimalist, baroque, functional, traditionalist, modern….Entering a house and looking at its atmosphere and the type of furnishing objects you may recognize the personality of whom lives in.
Q. Do you like design? Which values would you like it to convey to the world?
A. Yes I do like it very much. I feel that living among beautiful things make people better, related to their sensitivity, their capability to stay in the world and respect the others. An enchanting music, an unspoiled space, a nice and functional object soothe and stimulate people’s creativity.
Q. Skilfulness in design, creativity and technological innovation: the Italian companies of this trade still are world leaders. Do you think there is a strategy to make them more competitive, like for instance the fashion manufacturers?
A. I think Italy is much better than how it is depicted. It is full of small manufacturers that stubbornly keep on making objects of great quality and innovation. The problem is the Country, the politicians who are unable to support the Italian firms. No system, no promotion. Just take the example of the Salone del mobile that has become leader in the world, “despite” it is held in Italy.
Q. You invented a news magazine that it is still successful. The home has always been a “real” and punctual presence in your pages. What kind of new information or topics you would like to add in?
A. Adding new ones maybe no, but having the possibility to develop them further, definitely yes.
Q. Zanotta is sixty years old this year. What wish would you give a company that strongly contributed to qualify and spread the culture of design?
A. To continue its path with more and more strength, keeping its strong identity.
Q. Is there any Zanotta furniture that would look good at your home?
A. But all!