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Celebrations 2017

The year 2017 is full of important anniversaries for Zanotta brand, to celebrate the timelessness of many pieces still in collection

The passing of time has not only left unaltered the perception of their beauty but has strengthened the value of good designs, that have become the core of the company’s philosophy, being the protagonists of settings thanks to their stylistic transversality. Here are the pieces still in collection – some of them real icons exhibited in the museum collections worldwide – for which Zanotta is about to celebrate special anniversaries: from the hundred years of the demountable Moretta armchair by Bernard Marstaller, to the eighty years of Milo mirror that with its silhouette, pays homage to Carlo Mollino’ passion for female sinuosity.
The armchair/chaise longue Maggiolina by Marco Zanuso is still perfect for the relaxing moments, just like it was 70 years ago; while 60 years ago, Sella and Mezzadro were conceived by the ironic and challenging intellect of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, meant as creative flair of daily needs like speaking on the phone (at that time hanging on the wall), or taking advantage of the versatility of a tractor seat to turn it into a stool. Again the Castiglioni brothers, 30 years ago (1987), turned a linguistic expression – “basel” (step)-  into a multifunctional item small table/stool namely the Basello.
Even for the latest Zanotta’s products – the success over the years is becoming more and more important and products like the Talia chair by Roberto Barbieri, the range of Smallwire small tables by Arik Levy and the Koochy sofa by Karim Rashid, have been in collection for 10 years now, able to integrate with the past icons.
For Zanotta, past and present can match because they have the same sense of design in common!