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Design towards Expo

The role of Design at the universal Expo 2015, the events, the proposals to celebrate and make to most of Italy’s industry. Because Italian design is culture and passion.

Milan, design capital, will be hosting from next first of May the universal Expo2015, an occasion for all brands from Italy and other Countries. Inside the pavilions the best of research and innovative production will meet on two important topics: the importance of feeding and the intelligent use of nature’s energetic sources. Energy for life, water, soil, climate, biodiversity: the themes which delegations will discuss about, offer a proactive and current overview to visitors. At least until the next Expo2017, shifting from Milan to Astana in Kazakhstan, Milan’s task is to make the point about the future of the planet. The design, being a discipline crossing all the fields of production and experimentation, plays a key role. Milan is world leader thanks to its skill to join technology and creativity, vanguard and tradition, as well as the Italian design manufacture stands out for culture, elegance and innovation. A creative process wherein Expo2015 aims to offer eco-sustainable proposals concerning furnishing, lighting, infrastructure, mobility, public green and hospitality.

Exhibitions in and out of town
One of the most awaited events is the Triennale exhibition “Arts&Food” a large event that, starting on April 10th , anticipates and accompanies Expo2015 all the way. Curated by Germano Celant with settings by Italo Rota, it explains the relationship between the modern cultures and food, where design is one of the main narrative thread together with art. The seven thousands square meters of the Milan “home of design” host the reconstructed environments that remind the places where food is consumed, then restaurants to motorway cafés and houses. “Kitchen & Ultra-bodies”, always curated by Germano Celant with Silvana Annicchiarico, is the title of the eighth edition of Triennale Design Museum: the Expo theme is here developed to tell another specific nature of Italian design.
Gilda Bojardi, director of Interni magazine and inventress of the Milan Fuorisalone explains: “The events about design during Expo2015 keep on evolving. For the big happening of Interni at the premises of Milan State University, called “Energy for life” in 2015, we are planning great news. I can anticipate that the whole setting will last until end of May and more prestigious locations will be added in town, like the micro-architecture belonging to the last Interni event in cooperation with Italcementi, that becomes wandering from the Sforzesco Castle to Kilometro rosso. A new company has also been set up, Expo in town, to organize and communicate events during the universal Exposition”. Davide Rampello, curator of Zero Pavilion that welcomes visitors to the Expo2015, explains the setting (10 thousands square meters) conceived to make the most of arts and crafts, based on a project by Michele De Lucchi: “Design is an innate value of a project. Design as “designo” the planning culture meant by Vasari, design as father of all arts. We are going to tell the history, from homo sapiens to the modern man, the life project of the mankind: agriculture, breeding, artisan how-to-do-it. Taking care of a wood: this is also a project. A journey starting in a landscape that is suspended in time, conceived by De Lucchi through twelve wood “hills” marking the path with different thematic areas. A journey that brings us back to the origin of design that is nothing but its essence, i.e. the man’s primordial attitude to transform the raw materials into tools for his own living. No mutual interaction but emotionality and research, with some entertaining and theater shows to animate the nights. In addition two homage-spaces to the relationship between industry and nature, and one area with five “good practices”, with positive examples for a sustainable future”.
ADI – Association for the industrial design – is going to bring out enterprises and designers during the next Salone (taking place just a few days after the Expo starts, from April 14 to 19) and include a part of the Compasso d’Oro collection in the initiatives with the Milan Municipality: some corner points where the design historic icons are planned to be displayed, are already included in the programme, like that of Piazza Lombardia.

The Expo-tours
Flagship and concept stores, vintage and design: the “retail tours” of the most original and avant-garde spaces of Milan area, represent an interesting occasion for architects and interior decorators. Lead by “cool-hunters” taking groups of people looking for new trends, these tours can be tailored according to specific exigencies. Each visit starts off in Milan downtown, at Brera district ( The tours from an idea of Patrizia Scarzella and Valentina Downey are meant to involve people who are particularly interested in seeing closely the creation of design products, with a special attention to the food-design and to highlight the most innovation-bringing Italian districts: starting from Milan, in a four-day tour you can visit Turin, Florence, Umbria and Apulia (