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Elipse: more irony

Elipse chair by design Patrick Jouin

Elipse reconciles the rationality of a functional industrial design item and the power of a radical piece of sculpture.” (Patrick Jouin)

The new Elipse chair in the Zanotta catalogue is striking in its playful, fun approach, making it a witty, empathic item.
The square tubular aluminium alloy structure lends it elegance, lightness and character. In a deliberate contrast with the structure, the seat and backrest trace out soft, curved forms to ensure comfort and support.
The characteristic element of the design is the circular hole made in the middle of the backrest which makes it easy to grip and becomes a focal point for virtuosity in construction expressed in its connection with the structure.
A product positioned in keeping with the expectations of the home and contract sectors.

Materials and colours: Aluminium alloy frame, painted in the shades black, white, anthracite or amaranth. Seat and backrest in polypropylene-based techno-polymer in the same colours.

Sizes: 41x79x54 (WxHxD)



The chair Elipse conquered the jury at NYCxDesign Award 2018 winning the award Best Seating: Contract Guest.