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Fully covered with cowhide

The Nuno stool, with its dual function of seat and organizer compartment, is a “small object manufactured with love”, as described by the Japanese designer who designed it for Zanotta.

«The secret of this cowhide seat lies in its name: Nuno. This is the name of the Portuguese Oliveira, a genius of horse-riding practiced with skillfulness (who passed away in ’89).His talent was to feel the balance point on every horse he was riding. Nuno, as an elegant furnishing object, wants to embody the qualities of method, grace and strength, which the riding Master had spread with unequalled ability. I wanted to design it in 2014, the Chinese year of the horse, and I think that it will bring me luck». The Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro, who is fond of horses and nature, describes in this way this product designed for Zanotta. With his recount, Happenings completes the range of those products that, from this Spring on, give way to the novelties 2015. Nuno is a remarkable, textured complement, inspired by the work of skilled saddlers, and has the dual function of stool/sculpture and footrest/organizer compartment. «Nuno is also a tribute to the tradition of artisanal manufacture mixed with innovation by Zanotta», Oshiro explains. «I took one year to finalize it after sketches, studies and small prototypes. It came out one furnishing object, where the care to details, the stitching, the straps, the sturdiness and feel of the cowhide all contribute to its beauty, whose attraction increases over time». Kensaku Oshiro’s personal and professional story (born in 1977, awarded many times by the juries of International design) starts off with a diploma achieved at Milan’ Polytechnic School of Design, where he distinguished himself to the point he was soon called by Piero Lissoni studio, where he stayed for eight years. To this experience, the discovery and analysis of the “Castiglioni’s way” was fundamental to Oshiro’s training as a designer. «It has been a honor for me working with Zanotta; it’s a company whose roots lie in the world’s best design. Not surprisingly, many are the pieces by Castiglioni brothers that are in the Zanotta’s catalogue, distributed in over three decades. The irony, the free interpretation of form, the firm anchoring to the function are the mainstays of the spirit by the Castiglioni’s lesson. With Nuno I wanted to design an object, that decorates and lasts over time». The Nuno stool and “saddle” container unit belongs to those furnishing objects to be put in the corners of the living room as it was an object-sculpture to be caressed with pleasure. The Polimex ® frame completely covered in soft cowhide, is equipped with an opening seat that reveals a cowhide-covered organizer compartment. «Yes, the inner space has a supporting frame that is counter-plugged with cowhide with great skillfulness », Oshiro affirms and adds: «Some people might call it a modern swing-seat, but in reality the seat is tilted on the two outer edges to make the shape lighter».