• Exhibition

Koochy, one of the best pieces of Karim Rashid’s retrospective: Design Your Self. Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul.

Starting from next June 30, the Seoul Arts Center will host a retrospective exhibition on Karim Rashid’s multifaceted style with more than 300 selected pieces, in order to celebrate its 29th anniversary since its founding.

Prolific artist, designer as well as interior decorator with an attentive eye on architecture, Rashid is one of the most celebrated and appreciated person, whom Korea pays tribute to, while hosting his solo-exhibition in one of the most representative venue for contemporary arts, i.e. the Hangaram Art Museum.

Works, industrial products, installation and much more relate the artist’s philosophy, who’s been at the forefront of innovation and originality, set out in seven thematic sections covering one area of more than 1200 square meters.

In one of these areas, called Beautification of life, the sofa Koochy is displayed, that was designed for Zanotta in 2007. One piece, celebrating ten years of production in 2017; it features organic shape, functional for being used for residential and non-residential purposes.

One cosy and comfortable sofa with sinuous shapes, that today like yesterday does not stop to raise emotions!