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Lightness and irony

Two qualities for Twist, new stool designed by Emilio Nanni for Zanotta: hand-made weaving and strings tailor-made exclusively.

Contemporary taste, mastery in craftsmanship, top quality materials for strength and refinement, originality and comfort. The Twist stool designed by Emilio Nanni for the range of Zanotta novelties 2014 is an innovative object, adding colour and irony to the furnishing. The designer says: «It took about one year incubation to create Twist. The ideas, for whom planning design objects, come from little social, cultural, artistic and anthropological inputs, sometimes from the cinema or a song. For the stool designed for Zanotta, the will to pay homage to the “how-to-do” so unique, of the Italian productive districts, played a main role. For this specific case: the makers of rod with high quality processes, those who have been selling the best strings on the market for years and those who know how to weave them with skillfulness». The Twist stools collection, in high and low versions, involves the use of the steel rod painted for outdoors in the shades white, black or red combined with two-tone strings made of high-tenacity polyester cords with nylon internal reinforcement. «The weaving, of about 60 meters for each stool, is made of a polyester cord, paste dyed, i.e. the dye is added to the polyester before the extrusion», Nanni adds. «The intersection of the lines and of volumes, amplified by the weaving of the coloured strings, originates a new and intriguing design. The chromatic warps of the strings create an brand new three-dimensional effect, warp and weft join on the rod. The string used is exclusively made for Zanotta, calibrating the paste dyed colour, until the three primary colours get an accurate mélange: for the red one, for example, one hint of burgundy, one pink and one red are used. Regarding the function, the innovative idea is that to eliminate the direction of use, transforming each side of the stool in the “right direction”, depending on how the final user’s choice. The footrests, also, are designed in order to provide two different heights of support». Twist is an object conceived to add a modern touch of décor to the interior design: it perfectly fits a living room-kitchen, where it can add a strong sign in the dining area, or placed in front of a working and writing desk, or in a leisure area. The colour combinations are: white/light grey mélange, black/beige mélange or red/red mélange.