• Exhibition

Milan International Furniture Fair 2017

An impressive palace, a white and minimal architecture, with large clear openings and small windows from where you can see daily life scenes. “We were inspired by the video installations of Bob Wilson and Bill Viola. A tribute to two great masters” architects Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla say, authors of the Zanotta stand at pav. 16, holding all the new items 2017.

A chest that idealizes the concept of home, as place of daily life, where the furniture pieces are not decorative objects but must be fully used and lived. The house is also lived inside, where we can find the video installations – by Marco Pozzi for Quelquechose – like small curious and indiscreet observatories of family life, that happens in there. Nine settings, each defined by a precise chromatic shade, where the architects have played with forms, materials and colours, mixing them according to their savoir faire. An invitation to do the same because the home is a free space to fill with your own style and taste. A combination of fantasy and volumes to reinvent each time we want. An evolving house, that changes as the person who lives in. Five areas including the novelties 2017, that are not usable but have only storytelling purpose, create the exhibition layout. Four areas, that are usable instead, include the products that can be touched and tried, in a few words experienced.

Zanotta’s novelties are quite interesting this year, comfortable and versatile, because a design home must be lived in full. The new products, protagonist of the exhibition scene, are: the table Tweed – design Garcia Cumini, the night stand Taschino – design Gabriele Rosa, the sofa Flamingo – design Damian Williamson, the bed Hotelroyal – design Terri Pecora, the armchair Judy and the small table Emil – design Frank Rettenbacher, the small table Niobe – design Federica Capitani. Both the Zanotta stand and the new products aim at celebrating the daily life, a silver thread connecting the styling by Studio Salaris that develops the ever-present topic of colour. According to Alessandra Salaris statement “the colours selected, one for each setting, are declined in shades that talk to each other and harmonize in a balance of shapes and colours”. The graphics are by Leonardo Sonnoli, who has been collaborating with Zanotta as Graphic designer for 3 years. He declares “we have recovered from the company’s rich and glorious past the idea to communicate only using the Zed. This year the letter develops in some geometric patterns, featuring the Zed sometimes in ambiguous way, with unexpected optical effects.” Layout, graphic and stylistic research in order to bring out and live the concept of family house.