• Interview

Lounges on the move

Inspired by a co-branding idea between Zanotta and Maserati and designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Grandtour is the first stage of a project in progress. We asked Salvatore Iuzzolini from Maserati to tell us about it.

Salvatore Iuzzolini is Brand development and co-marketing Manager at Maserati. We met him in the elegant setting of the Zanotta Shop Milan for the presentation, during Design Week, of the new Maserati lounge chair by Zanotta. With a group of experts in design, press and planning, the two firms launched their first co-branding project as part of the 2013 Fuorisalone events. The result is a truly innovative design product: the Grandtour lounge chair, in which creativity and highly tuned construction embody the ideas and lifestyles expressed by both brands. The new, limited edition lounge chair, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, is now a fully entitled member of the Zanotta collection. “I have always been fascinated by the world of furnishings and the style trends that come out of it”, commented Salvatore Iuzzolini. “In Maserati, we have been looking for an ideal partner to consolidate a design project inspired by the style and sinuous shapes of our vehicles for some time. After a long search, we knocked on Zanotta’s door, and inside this big Italian design firm we found the aesthetic DNA and the spirit of experimentation and innovation that best represent our philosophy. We can summarise this exciting co-branding project which has given rise to the first Maserati lounge chair by Zanotta in the expression “Speed is imagination on the move”. We hope that the Grandtour will be an adventure that will generate other products capable of transmitting the same feeling of luxury and beauty that characterises the worlds of both Zanotta and Maserati. Objects which succeed in capturing the spirit and values of the two brands: excellence in design and composition, the quality of the materials, comfort in every detail and exceptional craftsmanship. The technical and formal research and the refined production processes which go into the Zanotta design result in a perfect interpretation of Maserati’s style”. Among the design features, the leather cover chosen for the Grandtour is a modern re-interpretation of the historical “capitonnè” finish, rendering the surface soft and comfortable: the Extra Zanotta leather (full grain, drum dyed using pure soluble aniline without any surface coating) will become even more beautiful with age. “Proof of the fusion of our vision and styles, the lines of the lounge chair echo those of our famous sports cars: fluid, sleek and welcoming”, explained Mr Iuzzolini once more. “In my opinion, the Grandtour is a surprising and exclusive product, born as a point of mediation between the worlds of Zanotta and Maserati; a genuine “lounge on the move”, the result of the shared vision of the two firms. I will be very curious to see what Zanotta’s designers will propose for the next step!”.