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Quality target: Zanotta’s commitment for 2015

In the latest years the awareness and information of the people as end-consumers of the products increased significantly; as well as the tools that companies can use to certify the quality and safety of their entire production system. For Zanotta, leading company of the Italian Design worldwide, this has always been a primary goal, being conscious to be a maker of goods and a supplier of services. Within the company the technologies adopted in the production processes and the design research have progressed during the years in full respect of environmental and social protection policies. Over the last twenty years, for example, the company has gradually implemented strategic changes aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its production systems and processes. A course that is going on nowadays, taking one further step ahead: the achievement of the TÜV PROFICERT-product quality mark by the prestigious authority TÜV Hessen, whose licensee in Italy is ISOENCErtifications. TÜV PROFICERT-productoffers the possibility to certify products according to specific inspection and process testing, including four features of great benefit for the company, for its stakeholders and for the customers. Briefly they are: to highlight the inherent features of products and of production processes; the added guarantees in terms of quality and safety for buyers; the supply of tools in favour of the entire distribution network and the strengthening of the corporate image. Moreover ISOENCErtifications follow the ongoing monitoring of customer’s perception and satisfaction. After achieving the international certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the quality management systems and OHSAS 18001:2007 for the health and safety in work places last May, Zanotta decided to take on a new challenge for 2015 for achieving the product quality certification TÜV PROFICERT-product. This requires testing on single pieces to be passed as part of a system certification, including the audit. The certification process has been currently applied to a part of the latest production, particularly for the upholstered pieces for the living room like William and Bruce, the bed Talamo, the armchair Calla and the chair Lia. They have undergone a complete inspection to check their compliance with the specifications, including the ones connected to the supply of pieces declared fire-proof, that is a compulsory parameter for the usage in some Countries. This recent action re-confirms the effort made by Zanotta to constantly improve the industrial process and the entire organization: an integrated approach aiming at ensuring that all the design, production and distribution activities are made in full compliance with the environment, the health and dignity of human kind in order to guarantee a high-quality life to future generations.