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Restyling operation

2015 has brought some amazing novelties, ranging from new finishes, sizes and refined trendy shades for some Zanotta’s iconic products.

The representative objects of Zanotta’s production, beyond their self-evident aesthetic importance, have been on the international market for sixty years and still teach a lot to the world. Best selling items that entered the collective imagination and use, not only as style examples but as items representing some categories of objects that belong to our daily life. At from the latest Salone del Mobile, a range of timeless furniture pieces and accessories was the protagonist of a contemporary evolution. The renewal of the Throw-Away seating designed by Willie Landels in 1965, whose 50 years were celebrated with a more comfortable size and a backrest cushion, that enter the collection with three brand new covers in wool cloth, wool and velvet.
The historical seat Sacco by Gatti-Paolini-Teodoro (1968) received a special mention, due to the fact that starting from 2015 it is available in 3 models, with the new medium and small versions and is animated by digital printed covers with a big playful impact. About the restyling of the other ten iconic pieces of Zanotta’s collection we remind: the new dust-light blue varnish, inspired by the Sixties mood, for the folding table Cumano by Achille Castiglioni (1978, adding to the black, amaranth and white models), for the clothes stand Aster by Alessandro Dubini (2010, joining the rich palette of white, black, red, pink and green) and for the small table Toi with rotating top, by Salvatore Indriolo (2012, that is also made in the shades black, white and red). From now on, the following are available with two new dust-light blue and black varnishes: the lounge chair Genni by Gabriele Mucchi (1935, with the application of the metal tube introduced by the masters of Nordic design in those years), the lounge chair Maggiolina by Marco Zanuso (1947, that the Milanese architect designed for a contest at New York’s MoMA) and the armchair Susanna (that Mucchi designed in 1983, as derivation of the Genni). Two new shades, burgundy and dark blue-green, make the Joy bookcase by Achille Castiglioni more updated (1989, now in collection also with five rotating shelves, in addition to the model with seven shelves, both with black joint; this product has been selected for a 2016 Wallpaper* Design Award, in the category “Best Reissues ”), the small table Basello with double height variable spread (1987, signed by Achille Castiglioni as well), the clothes-stand Sciangai by De Pas-D’Urbino-Lomazzi (1973, winner of a Compasso d’Oro award in 1979). Last but not least, the chair Tonietta by Enzo Mari (1985, an archetype of the most used object at home) is now available with a black painted aluminum frame, in addition to the polished aluminum.