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Successful design on TV

Zanotta is protagonist of the successful TV programme X-Style on Canale 5 channel, which dedicates a special episode to design for the 60 years of Interni magazine.

Six large companies of Made in Italy, one for each decade, report on the TV screen the evolution of Italian and international design, trends, experimentations and cult objects, that made their success. We are speaking about X-Style, the TV magazine – dedicated to topical themes like cinema, fashion and custom – on air on Canale 5 (Mediaset’s leading channel) on Sunday nights. In the special episode dedicated to design, for the 60th anniversary of Interni magazine, Zanotta was called to witness the spirit and the unique style of the ‘70s, through Eleonora Zanotta’s words (the company’s Art Director) and the exemplar case of the Sacco armchair: a real “cult” piece of those years, which had a great visibility on the small screen thanks to the sketch by Paolo Villaggio, alias Fantozzi. The Sacco – as icon – offers X-Style the inspiration to tell the astonishing expressive language and the provoking style of an era, that Zanotta could seize in the best way, transferring the innovative instances from the community into the home. The episode “Sixty years of style and design” gained a great success among the audience: 1.217.000 of TV viewers. It is also the first TV programme so well focused on the design that got a media crossing (i.e. television plus internet). The design told by those who create and make it, with a high quality production chain “from design to final product”, conquers and fascinates a larger and transversal public like the TV one. The “glam-pop” appointment of Canale 5 channel (as the authors describe it) tells the “hottest” themes of the contemporary lifestyle with a new television language, a heterogeneous mixing of images, music and voice; and with a dynamic editing of the reports coming one after the other without a traditional anchor, but with a narrative voice that overlaps the videos and introduces the interviews.