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The keys to success

The 2015 edition of the international Furniture fair has been an appointment full of news and important operational and strategic changes for Zanotta. The results of this commitment are before everybody’s eyes. Starting with the new brand image, making the coordinated brand communication even stronger and more original, thanks to the logo, skillfully renewed by Leonardo Sonnoli, who is the new responsible for the company’s graphics and also conceived the catalogue of 2015 novelties and curated the graphic design of the book “Design: 101 Zanotta stories” written by Beppe Finessi (published by Silvana Editoriale). Going on with the range of new products in line with the best tradition and “with that something extra” given by a team of designers at international level, working aside the Masters of Zanotta catalogue, who are celebrated this year with some renovations by the author. In addition to the contemporary graphics we find an original and accurate photographic language thanks to the images by Adriano Brusaferri and Leo Torri and to the styling by Elisa Ossino, these both enhance the design quality of one of the most world-leading influential companies. This complex and amazing path finds its best expression in the fair booth designed by Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla. “The concept for the Zanotta booth 2015 has meant for us mixing some remarkable contents. By the way it coincides with the presentation of the book by Beppe Finessi dedicated to the most remarkable hundred-one design pieces of Zanotta collection. This element stands at the very heart of the setting where all the activities pulse around”, so explain the two designers, prominent personalities of the exhibition design. “The booth walls were designed to hold the interior spaces thanks to a sequence of giant postcards, placed at different levels, with the reproduction of the masterpieces described in the book. In this way the booth perimeter has become a strong celebrating element for sixty years of design history”. The posters of Zanotta’s icons and of the most important pieces in its catalogue are supported by postcard-holders wide enough to recreate the facades of an impressive architecture that leaves a glimpse of the interior. “In this way – Calvi and Brambilla say – we wanted to pay homage to Achille Castiglioni’s ironic and non-conformist spirit, a genius of the fair settings and author of the most memorable pieces of Zanotta collection”. Inside the booth a sequence of sets harmonically placed, offers the proper arrangement and right space to the products, suggesting how to use them and highlighting their details. A selection of energizing shades– from burgundy to dark-blue green and dust light-blue – celebrates and intensifies the new colours of Zanotta products for 2015.