• Exhibition

The Museum Poldi Pezzoli introduces Quasi Segreti, curated by Beppe Finessi, 10 March – 25 April 2016

Quasi Segreti: a contemporary story leading us into a world full of suggestions and reminders.
An exhibition focused on an unusual theme that never ceased to be reinterpreted by architects, designers and artists who have been able to use creativity and experimenting: drawers and chest of drawers.

Two Zanotta pieces find their place among the furnishing elements and the collection of this particular venue like the House-Museum Poldi Pezzoli: Genesio by Alik Cavaliere, that is to say the reinterpretation of the classic chest of drawers and Calamobio, one chest by Alessandro Mendini where the primary function is dressed with boldness. Both these items are included in the “special” collections, limited editions from 1990 and 1985/88 respectively. Two designs that are completely different one from the other, linked by the wise use of colour and expression of exemplary craftsmanship.

The path created by the Museum Poldi Pezzoli and Inventario helps reflecting on the relationship between design and visual arts. Which better pieces could have been chosen , if not Calamobio and Genesio that, belonging to the Edizioni collection by Zanotta, represent a unique world where art and design meet? Quasi Segreti will open on March 10th and will stay on until April 25th, 2016. The museum Poldi Pezzoli is located in Via Manzoni, 12 in Milan downtown.