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Zanotta 60, celebrate with us

For the company’s 60th anniversary a big promotion dedicated to whom is going to buy or renew a Zanotta sofa. Another way to celebrate the anniversary and spread the culture of design.

At  your home like at New York’s MoMA or the Parisian Centre Pompidou? This is not a comparison by chance. Against the purchase of  a sofa, among the models Pianoalto, Bruce, Scott or Undercover, the Zanotta enthusiasts will get one historic piece of the great Italian design for free. And for anyone who already owns a Greg,  Alfa or Kilt sofa to be renewed, the new cover either in the fabrics Vale, Tela Egitto, Teodoro or the new leather Nappa 95 can be purchased 50% off. With this promotion valid until 31st December 2014 Zanotta wants to favour those who want to express their passion for the made in Italy design. Four unforgettable furniture pieces from the Zanotta catalogue are the main players of this initiative, timeless items gathered in the permanent collections of the large international Museums. Objects that speak to senses and provide emotions. The Sacco anatomical armchair by Gatti-Paolini-Teodoro is displayed in twenty-seven collections worldwide, the Mezzadro stool by the Castiglioni brothers in twenty-three, the Sciangai clothes-stand by De Pas-D’Urbino-Lomazzi in eight and the Cumano folding table by Achille Castiglioni in nine. Four icons that were trend- and style setters. It is no news for the design fans, to find Zanotta in the main art and design Museums, but for the customers of our brand it is a unique chance to get a cult-piece when buying a sofa. The chance not to be missed is taking advantage of the promotion to purchase a new cover for your own sofa Greg, Alfa or Kilt. Two important possibilities that Zanotta offers its customers in the year of its 60th birthday.