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Zanotta and W Atelier celebrate the Sacco armchair

As part of the 50th anniversary of Sacco easy chair, Zanotta and W Atelier, with the support by the Singapore Design Council, launched last September a design contest open to young talents to design and produce the creative interpretations of the iconic piece, according to the theme “Urban Living the Asian way”.
Among the 10selected designers, 3 projects were nominated as winners and they stand out for their ability to integrate an Asian essence into their creative yet functional pieces.
In details: Gen Sacco by Karyn Lim where the zippers play a double role, either decorative or functional to join two or more seats together; Shifu De Sacco by Jarrod Lim Design, where the intricate use of beads as covering for the Sacco is a tribute to the beaded seat cover used by the taxi drivers in Singapore; Pastiche by Tiffany Loy, with her project she created a “texture-on-texture” pattern for the Sacco, using a hand-painted and woven cotton yarn, through her personal interpretation of the antique Ikat technique.
The winning projects, now displayed at the W Atelier showroom until the end of the year, will reach Milan in February 2019.